Ville Seppänen

DevOps Consultant at Polar Squad

I help software teams adopt practices and tools that enable them to deliver web services of the future. I advocate fast experiments to find the best ways of working.

Having worked in different roles in software research, development, testing, cloud operations, as well as project management, I have a holistic understanding of software business. I work on all abstraction levels, from management consultancy to design and implementation of tools and cloud infrastructure. I excel in summarizing technical complexities to non-technical customers, and often work also as a project manager, a scrum master or an instructor.

My hands-on tech interests are in serverless technologies, CI/CD pipelines and cloud infrastructure automation.

Outside of software projects, I have worked as technical support for sales, interviewed candidates, spoken at small events, hosted both in-house and customer cloud training, and actively contributed to company culture.

Previously, I have blogged in Finnish on software development trends and the ever-increasing development speed of digital services: